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A Tech Firm That Keeps Your Business Running.


Apotica is an information technology services provider. They sell IT hardware and software to enterprise customers. They also provide services and solutions to help them improve their operations. Their workforce includes sales professionals who engage with and manage client relationships, technical professionals who provide consulting, implementation, and maintenance services to clients, and back-end staff who provide other functions such as accounting, HR, logistics, security, etc.



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Apotica as a fast growing company needed to bring clarity to their identity and send a distinct message to all who come into contact with the brand. It needed to be represented by a unified visual identity with a consistent brand language. Giving them exactly what they need to compete on the Pan-African market.



Apotica handles all the nitty-gritty of business processes. Essentially they handle all the behind the scenes processes. Making sure businesses run smoothly without any hiccups. This inspired the brand language. Exuding trust and boldness. We created an image of reliability on which companies depend on to thrive.

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