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Putting A Face To A Bespoke Hair Retail Centre


Hairitage is a startup hair retail centre based in Accra, Ghana. They assemble and disburse quality custom made wigs of varied colors, textures and styles. They are pro hair stylists at heart, making their product more bespoke than the traditional factory ready wigs.  


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CaveLantern was approached by Hairitage to craft an identity that will make their brand conspicuous and easily identified by consumers, whiles maintaining a sense of class. 



Based off of the concentration of the industry Hairitage belonged to, we made it our priority to position them as Elegant and Classy but then open and welcoming to all. We developed a logotype which exhibited both classic and flexible characteristics. By employing the use of regular serifs accompanied with ‘hair extensions’, we were able to convey the message of class and flexibility. We also developed custom brand patterns which were not only complimentary to the brand but also icoinic on its own. 

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