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Creating a brand that "Cares"


Thousands of young girls migrate from Ghana's poorer north to the major cities  in search of better lives. Due to a shortage of employment and their limited skills, these female migrants work as head porters (known as kayayoo), carrying heavy loads in order to earn an income. As young as 16 years of age, these girls have babies and infants who get caught in the harsh conditions out in the open markets where their mothers live and work. Kaya ChildCare was set up to augment the efforts of the hardworking kayayoo mother by providing for their child’s development in those critically formative years. Kaya Childcare works to transform the lives of these infants to avert  the inevitable end of living on the street.


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Developing a visual representation for the word "Care" was the main focus of this project. Our Task was to use visual cues that are synonymous with the idea of Care to give this brand an identity and voice. The logomark to be created needs to exemplify the very core of the brand, taking into consideration the bond shared between a mother porter and their infant.



Together with Kaya Child Care, we created an identity that represented their organization to the core.

We placed ‘CARE’ at the focal point of the organization. Cave Lantern developed a distinctive brand mark and visual elements that expressed vividly the focus  of the organization. Taking into consideration the mother porters  (Kayayoo) and their wards, we created an expressive logo that didn’t only stand in place for the main beneficiaries  of Kaya ChildCare but also the main relevance for which the organization exists, “CARE”.

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